Redist Hair Care Cream Avocado Oil No.63 500ml | Increased Shine | Flexibilty | Superior Conditioning


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  • Formula Based on Scientific Basis | Redist Hair Care Cream is produced with a formula developed by experts and based on scientific research. The selection of each ingredient has been meticulously made to enhance hair health and provide maximum benefit. Our product has been specially created to support scientific effectiveness in hair care.
  • Avocado Oil Content | Redist Hair Care Cream provides deep nourishment of your hair strands with the rich avocado oil it contains. Avocado oil protects the natural moisture balance of the hair and strengthens the hair strands by reducing the risk of breakage.
  • Increased Shine | Our formula is specially designed to instantly add shine to the hair fibres. Avocado oil coats the surface of the hair, better reflecting light and giving your hair a natural shine.
  • Providing Elasticity | Redist Conditioner penetrates deep into the hair fibres, making them supple. This makes it easier for them to take shape while maintaining the natural movement of the hair. Your hair’s elasticity increases and gains a healthier appearance.
  • Superior Conditioning | Thanks to its special formula, our product strengthens and softens the hair. While strengthening the hair strands, it also provides easy combability. It helps you achieve a healthy and well-groomed appearance by deeply nourishing your hair with every use.
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