Redist Skin Color Clear 150ml | Stain Remover | Safely Removes Hair Dye Stains


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Cleans Skin Stains After Hair Colouring: Redist Skin Colour Clear 150ml is specially designed to remove dye stains that may occur on the skin during the hair colouring process. This product is effective to remove unwanted dye stains that occur on the skin during hair colour change.

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  • Developed with Special Formula: Redist Skin Colour Clear, the product of long laboratory studies, is prepared with a special formula. This formula has been developed to effectively remove dye stains left on the face, neck, hands and ears during hair colouring.
  • Cleans without irritation: This product removes dye stains without irritation or damage to the skin. While protecting sensitive skin, it helps to gently remove stains after hair colouring.
  • Reliable Skin Care: Redist Skin Colour Clear is a reliable option for your skin care after hair colouring. It quickly and effectively removes the colouring stains left on the skin after the procedure, leaving your skin looking clean, fresh and smooth.
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