Redist Miracle Hair Care Parfum 50ml Turquoise Crystal | Anti-Malodour | Nourishes


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Meet Redist Hair Care Parfum Turquoise, which offers a miraculous care for your hair! This 50ml gives your hair instant freshness and vitality with its anti-malodour feature. The special ingredients in its formula nourish and strengthen the hair fibres, allowing you to enjoy healthy and shiny hair.

  • Bad Odour Elimination Technology: Thanks to its special deodorising technology, the product aims to effectively eliminate unwanted odours from the hair and scalp. This is an approach based on scientific principles.
  • Deep Nourishment: Redist Miracle Hair Care Parfum penetrates deeply into the hair fibres thanks to its nourishing ingredients. These nutrients enhance the natural health and beauty of the hair.
  • Scalp Oil Balance: The formulation of the product aims to keep scalp oil production in balance. This contributes to keeping the hair clean and fragrant for a long time.
  • Development Based on Scientific Research: Redist Miracle Hair Care Parfum was developed to support hair and scalp health based on the results of scientific research. The integration of plant extracts and technological ingredients reflects a scientific approach to hair care.
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