IHA Disposable Styptic Matches Box – 24 Piece


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The alum pen/pencil, block and match sticks are made from a hard crystalline, an all-natural astringent / styptic blood stopper that stops any nicks and cuts caused by shaving instantly.  Made from pure potassium alum, this block soothes shaving irritation, razor burns, cools and calms down the skin nicely once rubbed over the entire face after a shave.

It’s soothing antiseptic and antiperspirant healing particles starts to work within immediate effect as soon as the alum is applied on to the face / cut area.

How to Use: To be used during or after wet shaving. Simply wet the Alum and rub over the fresh cut area which will stop any blood loss thanks to its astringent elements. You can even wet the alum (block is more ideal for this) prior to an electric shaving to eliminate any shaving irritations or burns.

Where else can the alum bu used

Spots and Pimples: Apply directly to the affected area last thing at night to control and cure a spotty complexion. The Alum can be used as an astringent for oily complexions.

Antiperspirant / Deodorant / Excess Sweating: An Alum is perfect for those who wish to use a natural antiperspirant. Just apply the Alum to the underarms for a totally reliable, natural, antiperspirant. Great in controlling excess sweating. For a more effective treatment, use an Alum Block.

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